How M.A.A.F started

Over 30 years ago a meeting was held with amputees family, friends and carers in the Occupational Therapy Department of Chesterfield Royal Hospital, a small number of us decided to contact other people in similar situations with a view to forming a support group.

Staff helped to make our first contacts, a meeting was held, and M.A.A.F was formed.

What M.A.A.F aims to do

Our aim is to help and assist amputees their families and friends to adjust to the loss of limbs. We help our members to meet together, support each other and to provide social activities and information packs.

What M.A.A.F does

A registered charity, we provide an information service to assist with any problems amputees, people with vascular disabilities and older people may have difficulty with, particularly those concerning

  • Access,
  • Benefits,
  • Transport
  •  Holidays.

Social events and outings are organised, we meet each month


Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service, North Area Office, Braidwood Way, Chesterfield S40 2WH  of each month from March until December

Our advisors often visit the Limb Centres at Sheffield Northern General and Nottingham City Hospital, we also provide a telephone and email service to assist with benefits and general advice.

Please ring for one of our up todate Information Packs

Who can join M.A.A.F

Membership is FREE and is  open to everyone who has lost a limb, people with vascular disabilities, older people and their families and friends.

How to get in touch

It is not necessary to be a member in order to receive our information or to have a chat with us. We are always ready to meet with people who have had an amputation, to share common problems and to find solutions. We are a friendly, personal organisation who are willing to help as much as we can.

To contact us Telephone

01773 872922

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